Scrap Steel

Scrap Steel Dealer and Suppliers in Malaysia

Our Scrap Steel can contain traces of copper and tin which could be a problem for the car industry which for aesthetic reasons needs a pristine surface finish. Our Scrap steel comes from many different sources because it is very easily recycled. Scrap steel is used in many stages of steelmaking. The use of our scrap steel reduces the consumption of mineral and energy resources for extracting iron from ore to a great extent. Our Scrap steel is first separated, graded, and sorted into different classes of steel in scrap yards. Global Scraps is the leading dealer and wholesale supplier of Steel scrap in Malaysia.

Why are we different from others?

Global Scrap is the market leader in high capacity and productivity shears for the scrap business and is a partner to the major steel mills and scrap dealers worldwide. The highest reliability, productivity, and lowest running costs are and will be driving the strategy in developing new solutions and long-lasting partnerships with our customers.

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