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polyethylene terephthalate scrap or PET scrap which is the type of polyester similar to the clothing fabric. Many products are included under PET scrap such as food containers, bottles, personal healthcare beverages containers, etc. It is one of the best recyclable materials which defines the quality of PET scrap. Further in the production of new applications, PET scrap is used by numerous industries such as food, cosmetic or packaging. We are the PET scrap supplier worldwide. Using PET scrap in business benefits you with more profit because it consumes less cost in the production of new products. Also, quality of the final goods will be excellent.

Why choose us?

While choosing us you get multiple options in colors. Unlike other dealers of PET scrap, we do not sell it at a very higher cost. In fact, our prices are extremely lower as compared to other dealers. Our PET scrap is free from chemicals.

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