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Polystyrene scrap or PS scrap which is a glassy thermoplastic scrap that extracts through petroleum. It is one of the highest recyclable scraps which do not harm the environment. Even its scrap is naturally glassy and clear. It is easy to modify PS scrap into new applications. There are several items that can be produced through the PS scrap such as CD cases, clear disposable cups, toys, stationery, plates, cases, clothes, etc. Many industries are redeeming profit from PS scrap by using it in the production of new goods. We are the PS Scrap suppliers worldwide who known for its best quality guarantee.

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You may know that it is available in clear glassy form, but at our stock you find we have multi color option. We deliver PS scrap quickest at your doorstep with the guaranteed card. Our material of PS Scrap is completely reliable and robust.

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