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Global scraps is the leading and No.1 dealer, trader and suppliers of Aluminium Ingot in Germany. The Global Scraps Industries is one of the leading player in the field of scrap trading and processing in Germany. With a vast array of scrap in its basket, we are specialized as traders, dealers and wholesale suppliers of Aluminium Ingot in Germany and we also caters to almost all the segments of the Aluminium Ingot market viz; the steel producers, alloy manufacturers, foundries, casting units etc. 

The global scraps strategically located yards of Aluminium Ingot in Germany not only to ensure efficient scrap collection but also play a huge role in its supply of Aluminium Ingot to customers across Germany. The state of art handling and processing equipment’s at the yards coupled with in house lab facilities ensure that the quality parameters sought by the clients are met. Being reputation conscious, we trade with the most reputed suppliers, offering only superior quality Aluminium Ingot in Germany.

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